Welcome to STOP TB Canada!

The global STOP TB partnership’s mission is to serve every person vulnerable to tuberculosis (TB) and ensure that high-quality treatment is available to all who need it.  TB is a disease that globally continues to claim 1.5 million lives per year.  While Canada is considered a low-incidence country, TB disproportionately affects people living with high-risk medical conditions, immigrants from endemic countries, the Canadian North and our First Nations populations.  STOP TB Canada’s mission not only includes progress towards disease elimination in Canada, but also strengthening Canada’s commitment to eliminating TB internationally.

STOP TB Canada works with its partners, including the British Columbia Lung Association, the International Union against TB and Lung Disease, provincial and territorial TB programs, and governmental and non-governmental organizations to communicate issues in national and international TB control, provide links to TB education and resources, and engage communities and government in the fight against TB.

Join us in STOP TB Canada’s vision to see TB one day eliminated as a public health problem everywhere.

”Every person with tuberculosis has the right to be treated for his or her disease.  TB can be cured.  This scourge can be defeated. So let us stop denying them this basic human right.”- Archbishop Desmond Tutu